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Business-Center “Fagro” is situated in Shevchenkovskiy district of Ukrainian capital at 8a, Rizskaya str., that means:

  • Good transport links and convenient interchange at the intersection of one of the major Kyiv City highways: О.Тelihu str., Schuseva str., Мelnykova str.;
  • subway station “Dorohozhychi” is in 4 min walk distance, Suretskiy Park;
  • proximity to the business and administrative City center;

Brief description of Business-Center

The BC Аarchitectural and building projects have been developed and implemented in 2007-2008 by the guiding Kyiv architectural and project Bureau. Today it’s a Complex that has its own fenced 0.7hectare area and consists of 2 adjacent housing: А-5 levels with two entrances and B-6 levels with 1 entrance. Construction meets the most demanding requirements for engineering facilities furniture and finishing materials for premises offered for lease and for the whole building as well:

  • supply and exhaust ventilation settings: AeroStar, Mitsubishi, Summers, Remak;
  • conditioning system: Daikin, Electra, Midea, McQuay, Kentatsu, Fudjutsu;
  • passenger elevator OTIS;
  • security, fire alarm and CCTV;
  • telecommunication system (optical fiber): 7 independent carriers providing digital communications and I-net Providers: Farlep-Optima, UkrTelecom, Sitel, Mobikom, Telesystemy Ukrainy, Golden Telecom, Lanet Network;
  • Professional operational and secure service – 24h/365d.;
  • 80car places private open parking on the fenced area, access system;
  • landscaped comfortable area: trees, green spaces, flower beds;
  • an on-site café with summer terrace, café and dining room with summer terrace directly in the building;
  • the total area of non-residential premises – 4022m2
  • effective area – 3500m2
  • ceiling height from 2.6m to 3.0m

Quality of office premises proposed for lease

Common areas with complete finish: floor – ceramic tile, walls – painting and Mosaic, ceiling - suspended ceiling equipped with raster fixtures, windows – double glass pane made of plastic;

Office blocks:

  • floor – ceramic tile/durable (commercial) linoleum/laminate/cfrpeting;
  • suspended ceiling equipped with raster fixtures;
  • ventilation and conditioning system;
  • radiators in all of premises;
  • fire alarm;
  • security alarm is injected into the guard post;
  • fully equipped WC;
  • electricity with power sockets;
  • main doors are equipped with intercom, control and accounting system access;

For Leaseholders

Landlord- legal entity in Ukraine, (PJSC), payer of value added tax (VAT)

Areas for lease

Premises for office spaces and halls vary from 15m2 to 700m2.


Rent price negotiated and consists of rent and cost of operating costs per 1m2. Flexible system of discounts and individual approach to clients;

Operating costs include

  • heating;
  • maintenance of supply-and-exhaust ventilation system;
  • water supply, maintenance of the sewer system and WC;
  • total electricity supply office, whole equipment, exterior lighting of the building;
  • cleaning of common areas and the surrounding area (including cleaning of the facade windows);
  • snow removal;
  • cleaning and garbage disposal;
  • lift service;
  • building and surrounding area perimeter security;
  • organization of work maintenance and engineering personnel operational service;
  • equipment and expendable materials that Landlord use for technical equipment service;
  • security, fire alarm, access control system;
  • daily wet cleaning of all offices and premises, sanitation supplies, household chemicals.

Guarantee payment

Guarantee payment is to ensure proper and timely fulfillment of Leaseholder’s obligations due to Lease Contract. It is the sum equal to the monthly rent. Landlord holds guarantee payment on its account during the total rent period according to the Contract. Guarantee payment may be returned to the Tenant after acceptance report signing or may be enlisted in the account of the last month of payment.

Form and manner of payment

All payments are made to the Landlord’s account in the national currency after signing of the act of transfer of the leased premises. Rent and operating cost have to be paid monthly in advance according to the Landlord invoices.

Lease term

Minimal - 1 year. Max -36 months according to the Contract.


Open space or cabinet system at Leaseholder’s needs.
Internal partitions, necessary redecorating – at the expense of Landlord.


Parking spaces are assigned to Leaseholder in proportion to the leased area. As a rule – 1 parking place for 40m2 of rentable area.

Tenant access to the premises

365 days a year, around the clock.


Business center FAGRO

Ruzska str. 8-a (Dorogoguchi stashion)
Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine

Rental Division BC Fagro

+380 (44) 453-96-03
+380 (44) 453-97-72
+380 (44) 453-97-73

+380 (44) 458-04-14

+380 (96) 334-00-48